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 Jimble Johns Letter!

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PostSubject: Jimble Johns Letter!   Sun Jan 30, 2011 10:45 pm


Nick name:: Gnome (lol) and well thats all.

STEAM ID:: STEAM_0:1:14309085

How long have you been in BOFORS?:: Since the start of it all.

Why do you want to apply as UCA?:: I want to keep the city safe by punishing Anti-Citizens and destroying all kind of anti-Citizen behaviour, And to keep the contrabands off citizen hands.

What do you expect to do as UCA?: Take care of contrabands,Protect citizens from Anti-Citizens, Protect the city from all kind of Anti behaviour.

How will you act if you're UCA?: First i will act like im a normal citizen in a suit, Then i will grow strength and become harsh.


Name: My name is Jimble John
Age: Im 22 years old.
Gender: Im a male.
Race: Caucsian

Backstory:: Jimble John was a person who lived in city 17 by born He got moved to city 45 And now he comes here Jimble John had rumors going on about him which was he was maybe gonna be a combine, The rumors were spreading fast The combine thought it would be a good idea to hire him so they did he did assassinations for them for a while, Suddenly they moved him to 45 where no one knew him
But he got respect fast, Alot of people feared him even the recruit combines Now he got moved again to this city Here he couldnt get any respect or fear he was hopeless, Suddenly he met friends which he never had One called Debbie Sparks,Amanda Sparks, And Jack Sparks They became friends fast he could always trust on them. 4 days after he got instantly respect but he wasnt feared he was known as one of the best friends in the city everyone liked him. Now he attempts to become a combine because his father and mother was combines He wanted to follow them so he kept low profile and hid from the citizen and friends.

List the previous fields you are experienced in:: City 17,Metro Police Force.

Have you had any previous affiliation with the MPF?: : None

Have you ever received any infractions from an officer? If yes, explain: : None Whatsoever

Explain your reason for applying for the MPF and wish to become a Civil Protection officer: (MAKE IT LIKE AN LETTER TO THE MPF COMMANDER!):
I want to become a MPF because I want to keep the city safe from threats of the outside world for both citizens and MPFS and others in the city. Also to intercept Contraband use and dealing.
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PostSubject: :D   Mon Jan 31, 2011 2:03 am

Of course I would Support you nice simple background story

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PostSubject: Re: Jimble Johns Letter!   Tue Feb 01, 2011 7:17 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Jimble Johns Letter!   

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Jimble Johns Letter!
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