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 Dark Hand Background story

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PostSubject: Dark Hand Background story   Fri Feb 11, 2011 7:18 pm

It was a dark day, clouds were low, and the rain echoed through the streets of city 17, but amongst the sound of rain drop was two young females who argued the value of life. After the liberation of the city 17, there was nothing left for them, and the other survivors, so the sisters scavenged for what left. The two girls, Amanda and Debbie, had no where left for them to live, nor did they have anything to survive, but something struck that day, like a bolt of lighting, luck had hit them, today everything had changed...

The time was late and day was about to end when the girls took shelter in an underground system, step by step through the mist there was no clear path, they was just looking for somewhere to spend the night, but neither of them was expecting him... Him who had said under his breath "I have heard about you... Yes you two girls.. The infamous sisters.. I have a deal for you.."
Debbie face filled with curiousity, and Amanda was intrigued, they turned around and stared at the man, his eyes were red, his cheeks more pale then paper. "What do you want?!" Amanda whispered as though she was about to cry.
"A man, with a bounty of sin, cries to the devil, and begs God for forgiveness, but today he shall not be forgiven, and show drown in his sin.." The old pale man said whilst staring at the floor. "What do you mean?" Debbie asked politely with all her curiosity.
"How much you offering?" Amanda said with a spark.
"What do you mean, "How much you offering?" Amanda?" Debbie questioned.
Amanda was interupted by the sound of money, food and drink in a bag crashing on the floor. "This is what you get for the job, and with this gift of God you will be rewarded for the death of that sinful man, his name....Well... All you need to know is "JDC", the rest you can work out.." That is all the old man said as he vanished into the mist.
"He will be dead by friday!" Amanda shouted into the mist.
"Dead? We have to kill someone? Well, If we get pay like this I'm all in in." Debbie replied. The sisters smiled, then ran off into the misty uderground taking the bag with them.
Time passed, and they echoed the streets of city 17 with the assasination of a man, and to the sisters, they were happy with murdering people as long as it keeps them alive, but that is how it was, though they were'nt mercs they were assassins, and only did what was necessary. Amanda was quite smart, and enjoyed her father's stories he used to tell, and even wrote her own, but usually she would write a diary in her room of which she and her sister lived in, half way through her first entry she was interupted by Debbie, "What you doing there?!" Debbie asked. "Well before you interupted, I was writting a diary..." Amanda replied.
"Diary, eh? What you writting a diary? You wasting our money on just paper?" Debbie questioned sarcastically. "No, wait, what? I am simply keeping track of what we do.." Amanda said. "Well, stop writting and load your guns, and get your katana, we got another.... Request, hehe." Debbie said laughing.
Amanda sighed then grabbed her katana from under the table and ignorantly said "Let's go, and kill them then.."

And so they did, the sisters recruited members and created a feared faction know as the "Dark Hand", day after day everyone trained as assassins and made a living, more and more people wanted other dead, even over the pathetic things, but if they seemed unworthy of life the assassins wouldn't hesitate to spill there blood. Amanda still made a diary, but she would never let anyone read it, there seemed to be a suspicious reason for it, but none the less everyone within the faction were sisters, and it all seemed great, but as nothing great would last, and soon people got hated for there crimes against nature, and others would die, eventually the Dark Hand fell apart with few remaining, including the sisters, they couldn't control the community and wasn't accepted, eventually being exiled from there home to move on and resurect the faction with all its honour.

Thanks for reading, I have spent a little while on this and I am not so good at stories, but I tried my best and whether it is good or not is up to you Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Hand Background story   Fri Feb 11, 2011 9:52 pm

Nice =)
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Dark Hand Background story
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