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 Chaos guides : #3 Resistance RP.

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PostSubject: Chaos guides : #3 Resistance RP.   Thu Feb 03, 2011 12:32 am

The Ultimate Guide To Anti-Citizen Roleplay.

What is anti-citizen roleplay?
Anti-Citizens are citizens who dislike the Combine in every way, how ever, all Anti-Citizens are not the same.
Some simply want to make a profit, some want to escape from the laws of the UU, and some want to hit the Combine where it hurts. All anti-citizen roleplay desires good RP skills. This is a guide focusing on anti-citizens, its' roleplay, information, and tips for it.

Types and groups of anti-citizens:

The Resistance Movement.

This is the most original anti-citizen group, the group dislikes the UU by heart and they use tactics to sabotage The Combine's plans.

Group Information:
The Resistance is a powerful covert network of humans and Vortigaunts with the shared goal of defeating the Combine. They operate in cells as seen above, with Plate as the Offensive and Defensive Cell and Hex as the medical Cell. The Resistance holds many strongholds throughout the city.
The Resistance is unable to confront the Combine directly, but the Resistance acts in secrecy, they aren't always taking action. They damage the Universal Union when possible through sabotages.

Resistance members spawn in the train station as do all other citizens, but they have the privilege of 'Grace time'. Grace time is an amount of time OOC given to members so they can safely journey to their outposts.

The resistance are instructed to always seek to avoid combat rather than engaging willingly. Sometimes, however - you may find that the resistance pick fights with the Combine establishment. This may occur during a capture of an important resistance member. Or perhaps when the resistance are trying to gain intel about the Combine strategies they may sometimes attempt to kidnap a low rank. This will however rarely happen, due to the resistances' nature they are very careful of when and how they engage open firefights. Usually when open combat envelopes between the Combine and the resistance - the resistance will loose. Mainly due to the lack of supplies and manpower in comparison to the MPF, which seems to have an endless stream of units and armament. But as previously stated, the resistance are generally shy of combat - and generally won't wish for any bloodshed.

Technology and Supplies:
The food distributed by the Combine is proven to be contaminated with drugs manufactured to destabilize the individuals' mind so that it may become more vulnerable to the Combine propaganda. Therefore the resistance avoid contact with any food provided by the Combine. They do so by resorting to self-grown plants/fruits and boiled water. All the supplies needed for each meal needs to be scavenged/manufactured by the resistance members. If food would appear without RP involved the person responsible will have his/her flags removed. A similar guideline can be seen with the resistance technology. Usually all the electronic items used by the resistance are out-dated. Old hardware and computers may be found, and everything is put together with scavenged items. Eventually the resistance will further their technological advancements and be able to disrupt the combine using said items. Combine technology may be found within the resistance ranks, although it will be scarce.

Tips and Suggestions:
1) Passive RP: Resistance roleplay is 90 percent passive RP, remember, Resistance Passive RP is always more unique than Citizen Passive RP.
2) Don't Get Caught: Dump all your valuable contraband items in your locker before going outside or during an inspection.
3) Be Careful: Use your radio when you are alone in a secluded place or you have a friend watching your back, using radio in front of a crowd is a major flaw to make.
4) Permission: Always ask permission from a commander before going outside, he needs to be fond of what you are doing.
5) Safety: When going outside, it is suggested that you have a buddy with you.
6) Blend In: When outside the base, act like a normal citizen, blend in with the crowd.
7) Keep Yourself Shut: When captured, don't reveal any information.

The Refugees.

Group Information:
Refugees were before hand abiding citizens, but after commiting an action of which the MPF would sincerely dissaprove of, they've become outcasts of society. This has led to their only chance of survival being to stay in hiding, and seek refuge outside of the city, away from the oppression of the combine. They're easily distinguished by MPF because of their crimes and previous profiles, data has been kept on them before they went rogue, so the MPF know exactly what they're looking for when they come into contact with a suspect.

Refugees rarely engage in combat, like Resistance, they favor being hidden, however, when in a problematic situation they have no other option to engage in melee combat.

Technology and Supplies:
The refugees may use contraband items, such as food, spray cans, zip ties and medicine, but they are not intended to use any radios, computers or anything in particular. Refugees also use simple items such as flashlights and bags.

Tips and Suggestions:
1) Passive RP: Passive RP is the most largest part of Refugee roleplay.
2) Establish A Hideout: Select a secluded place to hang out, add some furniture to it.
3) Protection: Carry a melee weapon, for ex. an iron chain, lead pipe, wooden bat.
4) Get In touch: Stay together with other refugees for a better chance of survival.
5) Storage: Backpacks and bags might come in handy.

Smugglers and Distributers.

Group Information:
Smugglers and Distributers are those who make a profit by selling illegal contraband to citizens. They prefer being hidden, and pick their clients with caution.
Almost all Smugglers & Distributers are in possession of the v flag, and they sell level 1, 2 and 3 contraband. They do not wear any uniforms or cannot be distinguished by something, they are identical to citizens.

Distributors do not engage in combat at all, only with a few exceptions. Their use of weaponry may be similar to the refugees, possibly carrying a concealed melee weapon, but usually handle themselves by fists.

Technology and Supplies:
Smugglers & Distributers have no need of computers or transmitters, radios might be an exception. However, they have a large variety of contraband items, such as food, zip ties, spray cans, any for of medical item, alcohol, and illegal books, which they all distribute to trustful citizens.

Tips and Suggestions:
1)Passive RP: Yet again, Passive RP is most frequent.
2)Safehouse: Pick a safe location for you to stash your contraband.
3)Storage: Bags will come in handy carrying all that contraband.
4)Be Stealthy: Stealth is #1 in staying alive in this atmosphere.
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PostSubject: Re: Chaos guides : #3 Resistance RP.   Thu Feb 03, 2011 1:34 am

Yeah some of this is right but if you need any support in resistance just ask me since I am the Resistance leader I know alot about them....
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PostSubject: Re: Chaos guides : #3 Resistance RP.   Thu Feb 03, 2011 7:47 pm

Did you add rules or something
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PostSubject: Re: Chaos guides : #3 Resistance RP.   

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Chaos guides : #3 Resistance RP.
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