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 Chaos guides : #2 Vortigaunt RP.

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PostSubject: Chaos guides : #2 Vortigaunt RP.   Thu Feb 03, 2011 12:28 am

If you are reading this, you have just become, or are wishing to become a vortigaunt. Read on for information..

Vortigaunt RP is a very difficult RP, and should only be attempted by someone who is skilled at RP. Vortigaunts are an Alien race from Xen, Teleported here after the Black Mesa Incident. The combine use them as slaves to work and supply power. Humans rescue Vortigaunts, and for this they are Thankfull. Vortigaunts have a wide array of powers and abilities, including some other quirks...
Vortiguants do not speak like Humans, They have there own Language, but also can speak disjointed english. The vorts english is normaly comprised of very large words, sometimes in odd places. Here is an example:
"Can i have that drink?" - BAD
"May i savour the liquids from the bottle you appear to own?" - Good
Remember this constantly, As it is very important for Vortigaunts.
You have several RPed powers. They are listed here:

* Electricty (Power to recharge or power machinery)
* Healing (Slow and will not work when the patient is too close to death.)
* Vort Essance (Ability to telepathically speak to other vortigaunts.)
(Will add more as i find them)
Remember: Using magic can drain your energy alot. You cannot go out and Darth Vader everyone you see, After a session of healing or starting up a machine, you will be puffed out, maybe even pass out.

Enslaved Vortigaunts:
If you are caught as a Vortigaunt, the combine will take you into the DB and place a suppression device on you. This prevents you from using powers, like Vort essance and Electricity. The combine will make you clean up the streets and other menial tasks.

Being enslaved should be the LAST thing you wan't to do as a Vortigaunt.
Rules of the Vortigaunts:

* Do not Jump, crouch or swim as a vortigaunt.
* Stay in the base. Do not run out and get enslaved.
* Do not go out and shock every CP you see. If you need to attck, use your claws aswell.

Vortiguants do not have names like "Smith" or "John", they use the names they were born with, which are normaly comprised of short words.

* Tuk'Ko'Ran
* Kar'Ret'Tok
* Tar'la'Cha

Vortigaunts are the masters of passive RP that means :

Vortigaunt : /me cleans the blood on the floor
Vortigaunt : /roll 54 (50+ to success)
Vortigaunt : /me cleans it.
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Chaos guides : #2 Vortigaunt RP.
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