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 Chaos MPF application.

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PostSubject: Chaos MPF application.   Thu Feb 03, 2011 12:15 am

Vicent Anderson application.

OOC Information

Steam friends name: [TE] CђaФS||RRP||(=ADK=)


Why do you want to join the MPF?:

I've been playing HL2RP over a year, maybe even longer than that. I cannot exactly remember. Most of the time has been in Relentless and Our Benefactors, now merged partially with RRP. RRP isn't exactly new server for me. I have been playing here and reading forums casually, but I never actually joined the community or forums before now, because I found it best roleplay server/community so far and decided to stay here. I've played most of the time in my old communities as MPF (DvL at my best), and I really enjoyed the roleplay it allowed.

I enjoy roleplaying as Citizen, but it is simply not enough for me. I want to join the MPF to gain some power ICly and become a more important part of the community OOCly. I can never get the same level of roleplay as a citizen than as a Civil Protection Officer. It also allows me to play with more experienced roleplayers, as most of the whitelisted people have atleast decent roleplaying skills. MPF is also important part of all major events that it would allow me to join. As a member of MPF I will also have important OOC role, teaching new players to roleplay and/or help them to improve it and become also part of the community while playing with them.

What are you expected to do in the MPF?:

As I have to start from the bottom of the ranks, I will be a recruit. I am basically a tool for the higher ranked ones. I clamp for them, I help them to patrol and I wipe their butts if they ask it. One mistake and they beat the s*** out of me until I can no longer breath. I also HAVE TO beat and punish citizens, even thought I still have feelings towards them, because it is matter of days when I was the citizen that was going to get beaten or amputated. Refusing to do it is no good: I am basically on trial and I am being followed constantly. Cameras, higher units and regular status reports leave me no room for mistakes. In case I am not good enough, I am deseviced, aka shot and sent back to my momma in a box.

Well, that is just the IC part. OOCly recruit is a trial rank to make sure new units learn the rules and some roleplay before they are given firearms and more power. It is the time to learn and make mistakes, because no-one expects anything from me. When I've shown my skills, I will finally be promoted to 05 and given a lethal (that I am supposed to use ONLY when ordered or when my life is threatened) and I will be trusted more and I will become more brainwashed.

I should always keep my roleplay serious and canon. I should never metagame and ignore all my OOC or citizen knowledge while playing. I should report everything I do via radio even if it is just beating a running citizen and use the radio codes as well as I ICly can. I should also always ask permission for everything I do if needed or unsure and remember my very limited authority (that debends about my rank). As RCT I am not very strong, but with my stunstick and ability to request backup I can stand against few citizens without problem. I haven't received more than standard citizen brainwash, so anything like just a small beating is very As a part of MPF I will receive better food that will make me stronger and give me advance against citizens over time.

How are you expected to act in the MPF?:

As a RCT, I will be basically a citizen that has a stunstick and uniform. I don't know much anything and I will be very human-like. I cannot operate a firearm, console or anything that I haven't seen or used before. Heck, I don't even know how to use a stunstick before someone trains me! I know only very basic radio codes and glossary. I am still very human-like and I could never, ever beat a citizen from free will. But because I will be watched, it is either me or him. If I don't beat that citizen, higher ranked unit comes and beats the s*** out of ME. I basically need a higher ranked unit with me EVERYWHERE, as I would even get lost in the Nexus. This will of course change after I recieve proper training. A RCT is not a killing animal. Shooting citizens for looking at you is for EpUs, and it is better to leave it for them.

Generally I have to follow every order from higher ranked unit blindly. I MUST respect the higher ranked ones or I am in trouble, because there is no reason why they would not beat me like a citizen. As I rise in the ranks, I will become more and more harsh and brainwashed. I don't care about the citizens so much even though I won't always understand WHY I have to kill or beat them, but I always believe it is necessary and cannot be avoided. I will also learn to operate firearms, use radio codes and the code glossary ICly. I will lose my humanity from step by step, and finally I become a killing machine that shoots and beats citizen without even thinking about it or feeling guilty.

I also have to keep my roleplay personalized, so I don't act like a NPC. If someone wants to roleplay with CPOs just pushing them away and telling them to "Move Along" while threating with stunsticks, he should go and play the original Half Life 2. Beating or voice commands are not the answer for everything. If I see a citizen running, I could tell him to run around that streetlight nearby until he falls to ground unconscious. If I see someone doing an audio violation, I could burn his lips shut with my stunstick. As long as it is canon and both parties enjoy it, it just enhances roleplay.

What is your characters background story?:

Born in Saudi Arabiya, Vincent Anderson started life the hard way. Living with his parents and brother, Vincent resided in poor conditions as jobs were hardly anywhere to be found. His father was diagnosed with cancer and died when Vicnent reached the age of 14, this was a huge blow to the family and especially his mother who would have a hard time providing for the family.

To releive his mother from the burden, Vincent decided to venture off in hopes of finding some sort of decent living and hopefully return to his family with money and improved living conditions. As he passed from town to town, city to city, Vincent reached the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. There he spend a few months living on begging and peices of food before an assistant of a film producer found him near death due to starvation. The assistant provided Vincent with food and shelter along with all basic needs. She decided to take him with her back to the states, where she would adopt him as she was unable to give birth herself.

Things were looking bright for Vincent after that, a few years later, he had a job and a carrier as a boxer. He was then 20 years old and it happened to be the time where the portal storm occured. Vincent was trainning for a match at his local gym for a match, which he had looked forward to as it would allow him to return to Saudi Arabia to find his family. Looking out of the window during a break, Vincent noticed the portals with figures dropping from them, looking further he noticed the creatures attaching themselfs to peoples head. Vincent rushed back to his foster mother and found her hiding in her closet with her infected husband trying to kill her, quickly dispatching him, Vincent brought her to safety within military perimeters inside the city center.

Shortly after, the Combines arrived and wiped out any resistance before them. Vincent and his foster mother did what they could to survive, obeying the combines as they wished. 6 years later, Vincent and his foster mother were on their way to receive their daily ration, but things would change for the worse that day. A small rebel group attempted to bring down what appears to be a high ranking MPF unit, as the firefight erupted and developed, Vincent foster mother was accidently hit on her chest by a strafing bullet. She died slowly in his arms. Vincent, with his foster mother blood all over him, blamed the rebels for his loss and seeked revenge, he decided to sign up for MPF to dispatch of any rebel he could find. He has however not forgotten about his family and still seeks to find them, one.. gloruous.. day...


In Character Information.
(Your character writes in this part of the application)

Name:Vincent Anderson
Race: Arabic / White.

List the previous fields you are experienced in:
Working and co-operating with civil protection officers and other citizens.

Have you had any previous affiliation with the MPF?:
I have turned in contraband and reported all anti-citizen activity I've seen, but I haven't had any other affiliation worth mentioning.(In ex-server)

Have you ever received any infractions from an officer? If yes, explain:
I haven't received any infractions.

Explain your reason for applying for the MPF and wish to become a Civil Protection officer:
I want to do my part for The Universal Union and keep the city safe and peaceful place for MPF and citizens, and protect it from any inside or outside threats. You have kept this civilized society safe. Now I want to continue your valuable job.

P.S : Excuse my bad enligsh , it isn't my first language.
P.S.S : I know the server is not on , but I saw a guy applicating for CA aswell.
P.S.S.S : I am a veteran of RP and this community .:3.
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PostSubject: Re: Chaos MPF application.   Thu Feb 03, 2011 10:19 am

Nice Ap

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PostSubject: Re: Chaos MPF application.   Thu Feb 03, 2011 7:43 pm

You will prolly get accepted And im not sure if i can support but if i can then

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PostSubject: Re: Chaos MPF application.   

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Chaos MPF application.
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